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A Budget-Friendly Guide to Las Vegas

As I'm sitting here to write this post about Las Vegas, I'm realizing there is a lot of ground to cover. From how we got to Vegas, to how we afforded it, and even places to stay and food to eat—it dawned on me that I have a lot to say. I'll cover flights and hotels in this post, but if y'all have any questions certainly send them my way. Without further ado, here's how to "Live La Vida Loca" in Vegas, and not break-the-bank doing so.

How We Got There

There are multiple options out there for affordable flights now. I'll fill you in on what we personally did, and throw in a couple comparisons so you get some well-rounded options.

Spirit Airlines

The first time we flew to Las Vegas we flew out late Tuesday evening, spent Wednesday in Vegas & took a redeye back to Minneapolis. I took a two-hour nap, then headed to work. While I wouldn't recommend working after a sleepless night on an airplane, I highly recommend checking out Spirit for your flight.  An average Tuesday flight (times vary) from Minneapolis to Las Vegas is $49.30. Typically, you can find a comparably based flight back home for a similar price. If you ask me, this is a crazy cheap & affordable flight. We got in on one of Spirit's extreme discounts, so let's just say the above price was closer to what our round trip was.


Frontier Airlines offers a similar flight on a Tuesday for $81.00 & if you sign up for their "Discount Den" awards program its just $69 for a one-way flight. While not as cheap as Spirit's proffered flight, it is still affordable. They are also pretty comparable to Spirit as far as bag prices, choosing seats, as well as in-flight costs.


I'm adding Delta in here for a couple reasons. Firstly, they have an amazing perks program, and the more you fly with them the better it gets. Secondly, their customer service is excellent. Delta cannot be placed in the "budget" options for airlines, but they can still offer affordable options. Their closest comparable Tuesday flight is $131 for their Basic Economy option. This option simply means that you check-in at the gate, and that is when you are assigned your seat. However, with Delta you do get a free carry-on as well as free in-flight entertainment. So, you'll pay more but also get more perks.

Where We Stayed + How it was affordable

The Las Vegas Strip at Night

Here's where the fun part begins! My husband found this awesome app called MyVegas  (available for Apple products & Android) while he was looking for a fun slots game to play. Turns out, this free app earns you REAL rewards from free slot play to free hotel stays. If you're planning a trip to Las Vegas, this app is essential. As you play slots games you can complete quests and earn Loyalty Points that you redeem. We redeemed our Loyalty Points for stays at few different hotels. Note: when you would like to redeem hotel stays, you do have to become an M life rewards member, which is completely free. Here's where we stayed:

The Luxor

My first time in Vegas we got there late at night & spent more of the night exploring rather than sleeping. We did check into our room at the Luxor—right off the strip—& I was pleasantly surprised. We were using a redemption for a night's stay from an app — yet we were treated with the same courtesy and respect as "paying" customers. As customers, we were polite and thankful and were rewarded with an upgraded room, complete with jacuzzi. I wish we had more time to enjoy there, but we were very limited in our time. A one-night stay Sunday-Thursday at The Luxor costs 18,000 Loyalty Points in the app.

MGM Grand

The last time I was in Vegas with my husband, we stayed in MGM Grand. Also right off the strip, it's conveniently located & a hotel with a large number of available rooms. There are two options for booking rooms, a West Wing room and a Grand Tower room, to keep it simple. The West Wing is newly updated & more modern. However, their square footage is smaller, the majority don't have a view of the strip, and the bathrooms are an odd configuration. We were upgraded to a tower room, and though considered older, it was more spacious with a very traditional hotel layout and a wonderful view of the strip. A one-night stay at MGM grand Sunday-Thursday 47,500 Loyalty Points in the app.


While it was the ritziest option, the Bellagio was also one of my favorite hotels on the strip. I wanted to stay somewhere on the strip where I felt pampered and a little spoiled because — let's be honest — a girl likes to feel spoiled every once and a while. While we didn't opt for a room with a fountain view, it was still spacious, elegant & had all the right amenities. Plus, we got serenaded by Celine Dion and a fountain show simply walking out our hotel doors. It was dreamy. The Bellagio offers a $129 room rate for $3,000 Loyalty Points OR 25% off a night's stay for 10,000 Loyalty Points. They don't currently offer a complimentary nights stay in the app.

Don't Break the Bank

I hope these tips and tools I've given you help you make a trip to Las Vegas without blasting through your savings. In my next post, I'll cover entertainment options in Vegas and must-stop places to eat. You won't be disappointed!

Excuse the blown-out selfie photography, but I thought this photo of us was too cute to pass up posting here! Pictured outside the Bellagio.


Where have you stayed in Vegas that you absolutely loved and highly recommend?