12 Travel Accessories I Can't Live Without

My husband and I are about to embark on a trip to Lisbon, Portugal — with the added bonus of layovers in Paris and Amsterdam. It will be a combination of work and adventure. I can't wait to share it with y'all. So, I'm sitting here mentally prepping for our trip & figured I'd share with you some of my favorite (& must-have) travel accessories. Best part? You can click on any photo & it will bring you to Amazon — you can purchase anything on this post!

Mint Green Backpack
Aqua Packing Cubes
Aqua Passport Holder
Aqua Otterbox Case
Blue Power Adaptor
Lightning Adaptor
Bose Over Ear Headphones
Portable Phone Charger

Briggs and Riley Suitcase
Briggs and Riley Backpack
Dot's Homestyle Pretzels

The Travel Accessories Break-down:

1. I saw this backpack online & fell in love. My husband bought it for me for Christmas & I use it every chance I get. Nevermind the fact that it's my favorite color — but it also has plenty of pockets for practical use, comfortable straps, and two "cup-holders". It'll be my personal item on the flight.

2. When my husband first started traveling, I bought him packing cubes. It's an easy way to organize clothes, know exactly where they are, and get them to fit well in any bag. He doesn't have this girly color, but we use them all the time. I highly recommend investing in them.

3. As soon as I found out I was fortunate enough to join my husband on this trip, I went online and bought one of these passport holders (available in many different — as well as less girly — colors). It folds open & has a nice amount of space to hold credit cards. It's an RFID blocker so no one can steal your information.

4. I bought this Otterbox recently after yet again shattering my iPhone screen (*Cough* for the third time *cough*). It's a crazy good price for something that protects your phone so well. If you're accident prone like me, I suggest getting one so you aren't without a phone while traveling abroad.

5. Fun Fact: Internationally, they are many different kinds of outlets. You can just plug in your phone charger from the US somewhere in Europe, you need an adaptor. My husband and I have one of these and it works decently well. And it's colorful too!

6. Since Apple switched to lightning ports on their phones and no longer offer a headphone jack, I invested in one of these guys. It allows you to charge your phone and listen to music at the same time (A definite necessity on an 8+ hour flight).

7. I have to try and get some shut-eye on this flight, so noise-canceling headphones are a must. Nothing is worse than being on a long flight and not being able to sleep because there is too much background noise.

8. The Mophie portable charger allows you to charge your phone on the run when you don't always have access to an outlet, or you need to be moving. It's a communication life-saver.

9. Alright y'all, I do not get motion sickness on flights. However,if I am in a car (that's been driven crazily), on a bus, on a train, or really any other mode of transportation, I tend to get queasy. Non-drowsy Dramamine is the best.

10. Dustin recently upgraded to this Briggs and Riley suitcase and couldn't be happier. It's modern, has adequate space for a carry-on, and has an unbeatable lifetime warranty. Blows the competition away with that fact alone.

11. I got the matching Briggs and Riley backpack for him for Christmas. It's roomy, slides right over the top of the suitcase handle, and did I mention they are this beautiful blue color? Win-win.

12. Guilty pleasure here. Dot's pretzels are THE most amazing pretzels, ever. 

Whew. That's the end of my list. Do y'all have any recommendations for me? Any essentials that I'm missing that I need for my long flights? Also, all of these items are also listed on my shop page. Hope you test out some of these products and enjoy them as much as I do!