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Hey Y'all!

Welcome to my blog!

My blog title is a little quirky, but it’s who I am — a daydreamer through and through. I want you to join me in my world of imagination, but also take you from daydream to reality. While many of my daydreams haven’t yet come true, I’ve had some adventures I’d love to share with you.

Also, I’ve been meaning to start writing about my travels and life experiences for a while, and this is a few years in the making. My husband (above left) and I adore traveling (sometimes with our pup, Bauer!) and are always ready for the next adventure.

I love to chronicle those adventures with photos – because the memories fade. So here are some stories from our life of travel, some budgeting tips, great places to eat, and photos of our journey’s. I hope you enjoy the experiences as much as we did.

These are a few of my favorite things:

  • Family
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Travel
  • Coffee
  • Writing
  • Good Food
  • Football
  • Saving Money
  • Design
  • Music

 Where I've Traveled:

Map of the United States